5 Women Riding and Women’s Rights Sites That You Must Visit

Riding motorcycles is not just a man’s activity. Women have been uniting to ride and to prove that they are a major voice in the world of motorcycles for many years. Whether you’re new to riding or you are thinking about getting a motorcycle, there are a lot of women in your community and around the world that are enthusiasts of motorcycles. You could join many rides, ride solo, and unite annually for international events. As long as you like to rid, you’re going to find millions of compatriots that are going to celebrate the open road with you.

With so many women riding motorcycles today, there’s an increase in websites dedicated to women riders, and you can easily join them. The following are 5 websites that are dedicated to women’s rights, events, and information about riding. Whether you want to jump into something new, or you are an experienced rider, these sites will shine light on the bigger community of motorcycle riding for women.

Women Riders Now


The first major website that you should know about is WRN aka Women Riders Now. This is the official website for the magazine WRN which has been in publication since 1999. This is a major site for all things women riding motorcycles. When you visit this site and subscribe to their newsletters, you’ll find that you can get information on everything you could possibly want to know about riding motorcycles.

The site itself have listings for motorcycle clubs, event calendars, reviews on products, motorcycles, videos, columns, and so much more. This is a site that aims to unite women riders, and gives you tips, tricks, and even information about women’s rights for riding and much more. It’s a website that you should bookmark today.

Women Motorcycle Organization


Women on Wheels is an organization that is non-profit and was founded in 1982. It is an organization that focuses on promoting and uniting women riding motorcycles. They help beginners as well as experts find other women to ride with and join a social club of riders that have spanned the nation. This site has a lot of information about how to join, ride with, and even contribute to events that they are supporting on a regular basis. They welcome all rider skill levels and have a family-oriented stance on riding motorcycles. The website is updated often with new information, membership information, and much more.



Motoress is the premier website about women’s motorcycle riding. It has updates on riding, reviews on gear, and much more. Visiting this site often will give you information about riding, and everything that comes with the lifestyle. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find that the information, articles, and newsletters all within this page focus on helping you get forward progression with your motorcycle. The site has a store, blog, articles, reviews, and promotes International Female Ride Day every year. You can subscribe to their newsletters, follow them on social media, and interact with other readers through their site. They are updated often and are up to date with all things female motorcycle riding.

Belt Drive Betty


Belt Drive Betty has been promoting female motorcycle riding since 2003. They serve the Canadian Motorcycle community, but they have updates, news, and so much more that is definitely worth exploring. The aim of this site is to unite female riders from all over to jump on a motorcycle and join the many different rides and events that are thrown. They support a variety of programs, including safety options like the Never Ride Alone Program, which aims to ensure that if you ride, you have someone to check in with so that you’re not injured, or without support while riding your motorcycle.

Women In The Wind International, Inc.


Since 1979 Women In The Wind has been uniting women from all over the United States, and now internationally for riding motorcycles. They promote a positive image of riding motorcycles, and are continually throwing events, and promoting motorcycle riding across various locales. They host conferences annually, and have chapters across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Portugal. If you want to unite with other female riders, this is a great resource to consider, as they are well known and focus on promoting women and motorcycles through unity.

These are just 5 sites that you will want to explore regarding women and skateboarding. These of course are just some of the many sites that you can visit, but they represent good solutions to consider today.