The Essential Riding Gear For The Female Motorcyclist

Motorcycle riders have a list of gear that they should be riding with. Of course, there’s a great deal of freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle, and you can choose to ride with whatever you’d like. However, if you’re going to ride with safety in mind, there are a few things that you should utilize. There are some essential riding gear for female motorcyclists of all experience levels. This is in regard to both fashion, and function, but with a nod towards function more than anything else.

The Helmet

Some states and jurisdictions have no “helmet laws”. This is not to argue with that law, but if you’re a rider that is concerned with safety, you should have a helmet. This doesn’t mean that you need a “specific” helmet, or something that is going to obstruct your view, or something that is uncomfortable. Modern helmets range in a variety of different ways, and you should explore options that are going to help you. Remember, when you’re riding a motorcycle, you’re going to be going through the wind at roughly 60 miles an hour, and you don’t want to hit something or fall and not have protection. Full face helmets are optimal, but you can find a variety of styles and options. Protecting your head is the #1 thing that you should think about with this notion.

Sunglasses and Face Mask

Riding is great, it’s freeing, and it’s beautiful. However, you’re going to have to protect your eyes and your face. When you’re flying through the open road, you’re going to have bugs hitting you and it can sting a little. To offset that, wear protective glasses, and decide on whether or not to have a face mask to cover your mouth. These can be lightweight and protect you from the suns rays as well as insects that are no doubt going to hit your face at high speeds.


The next thing that you should focus on is simple, gloves. Gloves should be lightweight and help you with protecting your hands from the asphalt, high heat, and extreme cold. Gloves can offer impact protection, help you with cold, heat, and more. This allows you to grip your motorcycle’s handlebars, switch gears with ease, and sustain control of your motorcycle with relative ease.

Jacket and Vest

You don’t always have to wear a jacket, but you should at least consider wearing a vest. There are a lot of different solutions that you can pursue in this regard, but the goal is to give you a little bit of protection. Jackets made of leather are most common, and you can find options that have a bit of padding and protection so that you can have peace of mind. Function is the most compelling element in getting this type of gear. Look around for options that you have full movement of your shoulders, arms, and give you a bit of protection as well. You don’t need to have a full skeletal protective suit, but you should at least consider a jacket and a vest.

Pants For Riding

The pants that you choose to ride with should be something that you do not take lightly. You could always ride with jeans on, but it’s imperative that you focus on more than just fashion. Function is the key here, because you’re going to be wearing boots, most likely, and you’re going to be riding through a variety of different temperatures. You should look for something that is non-invasive, won’t chafe, can be easy to clean, and worn on short and long rides. Think carefully about this part of your gear, as your legs may come close to hot parts of your motorcycle, as well as go through transitional heat, cold, and more while riding.


This is a premier element of the gear that you should have. Take time to look for a great pair of women’s boots. Make absolutely sure that you have a non-skid sole, and you have protection for your ankles, and up towards your leg. Leather boots will work here. You are going to be twisting, stepping, and needing traction when you’re riding your bike, and you should have some protection. Boots are very important and should never be taken for granted.

The above is some of the most important pieces of gear that you should have as a female motorcyclist. However, there are always other elements that you can use to upgrade your gear but start with the above as a main focal point.